It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Christmas Music Rocks!

Thanksgivukkah is over, and it was eight crazy nights o’ fun. (Although I have to say that is seems weird to be staring past Chanukah from the rear view mirror by Dec 3…)
And here we are approaching Christmas. Well, actually if you’ve been in any store since before Halloween (!!!) you know we’re been slowly immersed in Christmas, not unlike gradually bringing lobsters to boil in a big pot.
And so, over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I began to partake in in my not-quite secret indulgence – holiday music. Particularly Christmas music. (Although there is much more decent Chanukah music around these days)
In a culture (especially a retail culture) where we are saturated in all-Christmas-all-the-time, lots of people get sick of holiday music pretty quickly.  Some people bemoan the secularization of the holiday. Others complain about the over-extension of the holiday season, (and Chanukah for that matter) which is, of course all about stuff, stuff and more stuff.  There are those whose religion precludes their celebration (secular or religious) of Christmas – they find it particularly difficult to be unrelentingly surrounded by the holiday.
I’m Jewish, and my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas in our home. But we have a grandmother, aunts, uncles and cousins with whom we celebrate. It’s a really enjoyable and fun, slightly multi-culti December pagan light festival season.  Chrismakwanzakah, if you will.
Back to my not very secret holiday music habit. Used to be the only way I could indulge my musical jones was via radio and vapid department store music. Luckily, in more recent years, I’ve crafted and honed several Pandora stations, so that my holiday music shuffle is truly a thing to behold and listen to. Classic, contemporary, rock, jazz(-ish), pop, swing… You name it, it’s in my shuffle. Louis Prima and Keely Smith, Reliant K, Perry Como, U2, The LeeVees, She and Him, Nat King Cole, Paul McCartney, Bare Naked Ladies, Fountains of Wayne, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Ronettes… This list could go I and on.  (as long as it’s not Mariah Carey’s Santa Baby – gah!)

The Things groan, The Hubs rolls his eyes and refuses to listen, and more than a few friends outright laugh. I might be a Chanukah-only in my home (but happy to celebrate elsewhere) woman.  I’m also the woman who, in her early twenties, found herself with roommates who celebrated Christmas. The woman who, before Dec 1, bounced on said roommate’s bed, woke her up, and demanded to go pick out a real tree and shop for ornaments. (Many of which, I might add, still grace my step-mother’s tree.  The Things and I traditionally help to  decorate each year).
I love Christmas trees, houses decked out with lights, greens and decor.
It’s kinda like my love of Other People’s Babies. (I love my pre-teen Things, but have been long done with the baby phase part of my life)
And so, you’ll find me driving my car with listening to, and singing loudly along with, my Holiday station shuffle.  Because it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

  1. My daughter said we could start listening to Christmas music after Halloween this year, but she wouldn’t let me start my Christmas movie watching until after Thanksgiving. I love both the music and the movies. We have Pandora tuned to the Christmas Radio all day long and the CD changer in the car is all loaded up with sounds of the season for the daily commutes. Enjoy your tunes!!

    • Movies! Holiday movies! I completely forgot – maybe that’s another post? There are entire web sites devoted to the holiday movie schedule between November and January.
      Most of them are on The Hallmark Channel or ABC Family.
      Thanks, Deb R, for reading and leaving a comment here. Enjoy the movies. And try a few other Pandora holiday channels, some are really fun and are great to shuffle together.

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