thoughts on NaBloWriMo



Here we are at October 31 – happy halloween!  It’s also Day 31 of National Blog Writing Month – NaBlWriMo.  This was my first attempt  – 31 posts in 31 days.  Although I didn’t make it to 31, I did pretty respectably with 18 posts (ok, two were reblogs, but still…) and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty good about it.  It’s more than I usually write, and I had a great doing it.

Because I am the queen of “I’m on fire, put me out” and generally require a lot of attention, I also really enjoyed the comments and encouragement here, on my Facebook timeline, and especially in person (gasp!).  There were a few friends whom I had no idea had been reading SoMuchPotential, and even a few who subscribed via WordPress or email notification.  (I love my friends!)  I discovered a few family members are reading, so I guess I’d better watch what I’m writing!  (just kidding… sorta…)

It’s gratifying to know I’m not just writing into the vast Intertubes Void, and even more so to hear that some people actually enjoyed or were entertained by the posts here.

I shamelessly begged my Facebook friends for some writing prompts, and I got some truly delightful ones!  The Skinny Jeans posts that came out of one such begging thread (here and here) were particularly fun to write!   One friend wants to know what happens to Celia and Ed… Personally, I’d also like to figure out what’s next (who got that fictional political reference?) for Dana and her mystery man.  We’ll see… And then there’s John Boehner and the red-assed baboon perched on his dresser, smoking one of his cigars and eating peanuts.  I don’t quite know where else to take Boehner – although after the shutdown, I’d love to tell him where to go!  I think a post-shutdown chapter might be in order, what do you think?

My goal might be to keep up a pace of one to two posts per week.  We shall see.  So thanks for reading during my NaBloWriMo experiment, and I hope you’ll keep reading.


– Deb


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