This Toddler Wins Halloween

I wish I had thought of this.

You wish you had thought of this.

But there’s a Dad… a brilliant Dad, who did this for his little toddler daughter – and they, my friends, have won Halloween for 2013.

If you haven’t seen it yet – I’m so happy to be the first to share this laugh with you.  (but it tells me you have also stepped away from your computer for a few minutes and must hurry to hop back onto the Internets…)

Here’s the vid, which has gone nutty crazy viral over the past few days.

The best part of this is the way the kid does has that whole “I’ve just learned to walk run like a drunken sailor” thing going for her.   Watching toddlers run is a hoot.  Also the mini size.  I’d love to say The Hubs, Things One and Two and I were glow in the dark stickmen this Halloween, but the effect would be lost on an adult, 12 year old Thing One, and even 9 year old Thing Two.  A toddling baby is called for here.  Perfect.
Maybe someone could make up one of these for their dog?

Just don’t take the kids inside all night (any light would ruin the effect), keep them running in that adorable way, and the whole thing is a WIN.

Dad who put LED lights on your kid, I salute you!

FYI, I found this re-tweeted on @Joshua_Lyman ‘s Twitter account.  Sometimes obessively following your fictional crush’s real life Twitter leads to cool things.  And it’s much more funny to have been led to this by Josh than to have found it on Gizmodo or Mashable.

Thank you, Twitter Josh!
Happy Halloween from But She Had So Much Potential!


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