C’mon ABC, Give “Trophy Wife” a Chance!

I “know” claire from someplace else online (I am SO not telling, just suffice it to say we both started to watch Trophy Wife for the same reason, LOL) and I think she’s right on about this. Each episode has been funnier than the last – of course, there have only been three. I hope ABC can hang in there until TW gets on it’s feet and falls into it’s own groove.
Of course, more scenes with Bradley Whitford in the shower coudn’t hurt, either.
And yeah, although I doubt it will happen, I’d love to see Brad tweeting. Twitter Josh and Twitter Donna have been watching Trophy Wife. Donna describes it as the show with “that hot blonde married to the guy who looks like Josh…” (and so another fanfic or five are born, right?)
If Twitter Donna is watching… it must be worth tuning in, right?

Claire in DC

Trophy Wife has everything it needs to succeed.

A whole raft of talented actors, many of whom have rabidly loyal followers. A genuinely cute and funny kid named Albert Tsai. A rising teen star (Bailee Madison) with a veritable army (239,000!) of Twitter followers. Characters of many different ages, to whom many women can relate because they are her, had a mother like her, or have a teenager like her. Some great, laugh-out-loud lines. Warm, likeable characters – including the Trophy Wife herself, Malin Akerman.

trophy wife 2

And yet, it’s floundering. Well, not exactly floundering floundering. But, if rumours are to believed, forever teetering on the edge of being cancelled. Which, after three episodes, is clearly ridiculous, and would be a big mistake. This show has all the ingredients of a future classic. And it’s keeping the Bradley Whitford fan girls incredibly happy.

So, ABC, here’s my advice, for what it’s worth.


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