Six Impossible Things

six impossible things before breakfast

six impossible things before breakfast

I’m still plugging along with NaBloWriMo, (National Blog Writing Month -31 posts in 31 days)  and this is my 8th post.   It is an Easy Way Out post,  definitely a bit of a cop out, and I’m ok with that!

Let’s talk about my Tumblr.  It’s too often neglected.  For long periods of time.  And when I neglect it, I miss it.
But I had a Pinterest, (It is a very interesting and fun Pinterest ,you should check it out!)  Tumblr is a great community, younger, different than Pinterest to be sure.  No recipes or exercise tips or how to make a terrifically complicated braid or insanely intricate manicure pictures.  Tumblr is my place to post pretty pictures, funny stuff, embarrassing fangirl stuff, and is still my GIF go to.

here is my Tumblr

Why Six Impossible Things?  If you recognize that, it’s an easy guess that I am a big Alice in Wonderland fan. The quote appeals to me in so many different ways. And  Tumblr seems like a place to do six fun or creative things before breakfast.

what are the six impossible things?

there is no use trying, said alice; one can’t believe impossible things. i dare say you haven’t had much practice, said the queen. when I was your age, i always did it for half an hour a day. why, sometimes i’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.
What were the six things?
one, there is a potion that can make you shrink.
two, and a cake that can make you grow…
three, animals can talk.
four (alice), cats can disappear.
five, there’s a place called Wonderland.
six, I can slay the jabberwocky.

Some IMPOSSIBLE THINGS to do before breakfast or even after

post here every day (or at least, fairly often)
send out resumes
love more
put out fires quietly
less Facebook (!!!) and Tumblr and Pinterest
less lists, more actions

What are your six impossible things?  Please leave them in the comments section


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