NaBloWriMo – National Blog Writing Month 2013

1 month, 31 entries, lots of fun

National Blog Writing Month

Well, here goes.  31 days, 31 posts.  I’m anxious and doubtful.  But I’ve got to try.  I started this blog last January, and was off to a pretty good start, for a short while.  Time to get back on the proverbial horse… I’ve promised myself I won’t submit each post to my overly detail oriented (such a nice way to say OCD, don’t you think?) editing insanity, and I’m curious to see where that takes my writing.  Whether I succeed in posting all 31 days remains to be seen.  But – it’s totally worth the try.

One reason I might just make it: It’s autumn, my favorite time of year.  We’ve recently enjoyed a spate of gorgeous, cool and wonderfully sunshiny weather.  Sleeping with the windows open, waking up cold, warming up (A LOT!) by the afternoon.  Shorts and sweater weather.  Remembering college New England autumns.  Perfect writing weather.  The fall is always inspiring.  And the foliage is coming soon!

Here’s what’s occupying my brain today:  Our Federal government has shut down.  Or as my brother-in-law thinks it should be called, with a nod to major league baseball, the government lockdown.  Pretty clever.  I was going to add, for a Conservative, but today let us all band together in our collective frustration.
On a very shallow shut down note, this all converges quite neatly with my on-going West Wing obsession.  In the words of Josh Lyman, “You know, I’m so sick of Congress, I could vomit”. No pun intended (well maybe a little) but this has been quoted ad nauseum all over the internet.  The West Wing aired from 1999 through 2006 – yet remains relevant to politics in 2013.  Sorkin is always quotable, I guess.
While we were all waiting for freaking Congress and the President to shut the federal government down, Twitter Donna and Twitter Josh  live tweeted while watching The Shut Down, season 5, episode 8 – that was a fun distraction!
The Panda Cam at the National Zoo has gone dark, so we can’t watch the 5 week old baby panda.   Reassuringly, the pandas will continue to be cared for.  Phew.  Back in the real world, National parks, the National Zoo, tours of the Capitol, and (alarmingly) the WIC program will be closed.  The list of Probably Closed includes:  National Archives, government websites, DC Superior Court, and the IRS.
It’s truly disheartening.  Friends and relatives, regardless of party preference, are also dispirited.  I used to love engaging in political debate – now I’m just too weary of the whole thing to muster the energy to argue.  (can you tell I’m avoiding the whole Democrat/Republican/Affordable Health Care discussion?)

Back to the NaBloWriMo thing – there’s a blog, and a  Facebook page – of course.  I’ll be posting (selected) links on my own Facebook Timeline, although viewing there is limited due to my privacy settings.  (As though those provide any real amount of online privacy and security, but that’s another post for another day!)

Wish me luck with this project.  No promises (not even to myself) or pressure, but it would be great to accomplish this.  Whether the brain spew originates from my own grey matter, or a list of prompts, at the moment I’m looking forward to this challenge.  Despite the complete lack of time and discipline I will be battling.

Can you see where I got the title of this blog?  There’s some potential here.


6 thoughts on “NaBloWriMo – National Blog Writing Month 2013

    • you guys and your attempted emoticons. But thanks for the digital love! Not my best writing but it’s up here and a start.
      Any prompts you could suggest would be greatly welcomed.

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