would you rather?


would you rather eat a worm or a beetle?

This past weekend, the family and I were visiting my Bestest and her family, in another state.  Extremely fun and wonderful weekend.  With a long car ride on either end.  One of the ways we passed time in the car wast to play that ever popular (with The Things, at least) game, Would You Rather?…

Believe it or not, there’s an app for that!

Here is a sampling of some of the questions, and the silly conversations that ensued.  The Things have definite opinions about the silliest things.  And the not so silly.

Would you rather eat a worm, or a beetle?  (eat The Beatles???  Not the musician kind, Mommy!)   I think beetles would be really bitter.  Crunchy, but not in a good way.  On the other hand, worms might be really chewy.  The Hubs thought they might have more protein than beetles.  Somehow, just to end the conversation and the visceral image and sensory nastiness flipflopping my stomach, I just said worms.

Would you rather never wear underwear, or never wear socks?  I hate socks.  If I could segue from flip flops to Uggs (barefoot, of course) and back  – and never wear socks, I’d be quite happy and content.  This was a no brainer for me, as well as Thing Two.

Would you rather have no music, or no tv?  Thing One immediately said tv, but he’d still have Netflix or YouTube or Hulu.  I said, “nope, no tv is no tv”… This caused him tremendous consternation and triggered his reconsideration of the whole question.  We all knew The Hubs would give up tv, we could not imagine him living without music.   I immediately imagined all the reading I could do instead.   Secretly wondered if I’d just fill the time with more internet – if we’d all do just that –  but that’s another conversation entirely.

Would you rather have no elbows, or no knees?  This was a weird exercise in deciding the best of the worst.  If you had no elbows, you couldn’t use your arms.  Or could you use them but just unbendable and straight?  No knees would make putting on tights or jeans really hard.  No elbows would make it hard to play guitar, or drums, or piano. If you had no kneees, could you walk?  Would you be in a wheelchair – because if you were, you would need your elbows so your arms could wheel yourself around.  Maybe if you had no knees, elbows would be handy to use for crutches.

Would you rather live 1000 years in the past?  Or 1000 years in the future?  The future, if only for the sake of indoor plumbing.  See brushing teeth versus showering, below.  Not to mention toilets.

Would you rather find True Love, or find $15,000,000.00?  Mommy’s answer was True Love.  Apparently the rest of my family are a tad more mercenary in their definition of happiness.

Would you rather write a book, or have one written about you?  Of course, write the book.  Fiction or not, it would be all about me anyway.  You know, in that “I’m on fire, put me out” sort of attention getting way I have.  Just ask my Bestest.

Would you rather look like a rat, or  be stuck at a Star Trek convention?  An exercise in deciding the ironic best of the worst.  Star Trek convention.  There would be Troubling Tribbles there anyway, right?  My rat-resembling self could hang with them, among other non-human races and species. Trying to, you know, blend.

Would you rather not brush your teeth or not take  a shower, for a month?  See answer to 100o years in the future or past.  I’d have to ultimately sacrifice the fuzzy mouth (gross) for the joy of hot showers.

Next up, Truth Or Dare.  Oy.  It was a long drive…


So? What do you think?

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