the netflix binge

netflix westwingDid you know that Netflix is finally offering The West Wing via streaming and not just on DVD?  How amazing is that?  I’m so excited, all I want to do is to hole up for several days, throwing overboard all responsibility and schedules.  (ok, actually I discovered this exciting news during The Things’ winter break.  And yes, I have been obsessively watching as often as I can possibly manage – late nights, a few early mornings – !! – and while folding laundry).

Here’s what feeds the Netflix TV series binge – an iPad.  Wherever I have Wifi, I can West Wing.  Whenever.  With or without ear buds.  There is a handy dandy option to pull up Netflix on the family room TV.  I can watch everywhere!   I draw the line at watching on the iPhone, it’s a tiny screen and my aging eyes are already saddled with the sad reality that is presbyopia.  Progressive lenses, anyone?

This is perfect for bad weather and storms.   School vacations and stay-cations.  Pajama days and couch potato Sundays.  It’s fun to see friends post on Facebook about the current Netflix marathon they are enjoying.  A friend’s post might even instigate my own marathon, and often does.  Look, there are far worse things I could be doing with my time, right?  (also far more productive, but we’ll leave that for another discussion).

Previous Netflix binges include: Weeds, Freaks and Geeks, Mad Men, 30 Rock, to name a (very) few.  I enjoyed seasons 1-6 of Weeds in an embarrassingly short amount of time.   Then there are the mortifying  mental “junk food” shows I’m loathe to cop to.  Under the cover of late night darkness, hidden, furtively viewed but oddly satisfying dreck.  Yeesh.

The kids do it too, and since they are going to watch TV, at least we can control when and where.  Plus, there are no commercials.  Thing One and I can happily share the geekiness that is The IT Crowd.  Speaking of geekiness, Hubs can introduce The Things to the wonders and joys of the Star Trek ouevre, including our age cohort’s seminal Star Trek series, The Next Generation.  Thing Two can watch the annoying tween musical or “comedy” shows she loves, like Jessie or Shake It Up, on a device instead of the TV and trust me, we are all the happier for that.

Netflix has been around forever.  The streaming option is a beautiful thing.  We’ve subscribed for ages.  Many before me have extolled upon the good, the bad, the limited movie selection, and the cost.  But lately… lately, I’m in the throes of a West Wing binge.  Despite being a superior show to HBO’s Newsroom, it’s holding me over until the next season of Sorkin’s latest series.  And if I fly through The West Wing too quickly, there’s always the series I cut my Sorkin  teeth on, my introduction to that lightning speed, too clever banter and the walk and talk – Sports Night.  And for that, Netflix, I thank you.**

**However, the Hubs does not say thank you when dinner or clean socks have been postponed due to “just one more episode”.  Just sayin’.


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